Christmas 2020

An extraordinary and difficult year is now behind us. Not only for us as a company, but also for our customers and business partners. For all of us, the past year was a special challenge that required a lot of strength and patience.

But we must not forget all those who have to master their lives under difficult circumstances and are particularly affected at these times.

As in the previous year, we have again put money into our hands this year to fulfill the wishes of the hearts of the children and young people of the Martin Luther House and to put a smile on their faces at Christmas. The wishes and gifts ranged from high-quality sportswear, leisure equipment, books to financing the driver´s license and, last but not least, technical equipment to ensure comeptent homeschooling and to further support the facilitiy´s capacities. Because every child, regardless of their origin or social structure, should be given the same opportunities in life, which is precisely why it is particularly important to us to support the children and young people concerned. Unlike most children in Germany, gifts for Christmas are something special for these children. Many of these children no longer have parents, do they? , at least no one left who would be able to take care of them. Sometimes they are simply left behind, or one is simply no longer interested. There are often heart-rending fates that hide behind the faces of these children. But your life has only just begun. So no reason to bury the future right away. Christmas presents are therefore only one thing, the other ist school support and also help to travel abroad, to broaden one´s horizons. We support as long as we can and hopefully for a long time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the responsible employees of the Martin Luther House for their cooperation and help, who used the donation in a targeted manner and conjured up the gifts under the tree on time for Christmas. We hope that we could give the children a nice and carefree Christmas, at least for the moment.

We are very much looking forward to further, good cooperation and many more projects.



Christmas 2019

Lighting up children's eyes at Christmas - this is not our speciality, however it was once again an affair of the heart for us in 2019.
A good and successful year 2019, with ups and downs, lies behind us. But amidst all the daily hustle and bustle, the numerous customer appointments and everyday stress, it was time to pause and during this contemplative, colourful and glittering pre-Christmas period to think of people in need, especially children, and to bring them joy.


So we decided to make children's eyes light up. Together with the City Mission Nuremberg, we gave out a donation to children and young people of the Martin Luther House for specifically selected wishes and thus hopefully were able to give many children a nice and Merry Christmas.

We would like to thank the responsible educators of the facility who actively supported us in this matter and worked cooperatively with us.

It was a great pleasure for us!