Since the 1980s, automation technology has become ever more important in production techniques, in robotics and on handling machines and manipulators. It is indispensable for increasing productivity and competitiveness in these times of globalisation. Quality, costs and time are essential factors in rationalising almost all processes. For machine manufacturers and system operators, it is crucial to reduce the time from the idea to the finished product to a minimum with maximum flexibility.

Thanks to many years of working in automation technology, we have been able to acquire extensive know-how, especially in the areas of assembly and handling automation, as well as design and project management, which we use to support our customers competently.


Within automation technology, we offer the following range of services:

1. Assembly and handling automation:

  • Processing special machine orders for assembly automation with Pro/E
  • Structural preparation of the mechanical structure and the pneumatic components, and compiling layout and pneumatic diagrams for components, devices and machines in the field of screwdriving and assembly technologyTechnical
  • clarification with the Sales department and customers
  • Order management during part production and assembly
  • Assistance with customer acceptance at the factory

2. Construction:

  • Construction of assembly and handling systems for the automotive industry
  • Sub-project responsibility, participation in project meetings
  • Draft design, construction and calculation of assemblies for printed circuit board assembly systems using Pro/E
  • Detailed construction of the individual components
  • Creation of the associated workshop drawings
  • Personal and telephone arrangements with suppliers for the technical specification of purchased parts such as motors, gears, shafts, handling parts, etc.

3. Project planning:

  • Planning, inspection and construction of production facilities in the engine component manufacturing sector
  • Creation of designs for clamping fixtures on production machines
  • Verification and approval of supplied design drawings of the production equipment
  • Checking that machine documentation for four production lines is complete and up to date
  • Requesting outstanding documentation from suppliers and transferring the data to the “Digital Drawing Archive” and “Equipment Database” customer systems
  • Conducting project-related meetings with the customer and its suppliers both at home and abroad


Concrete case studies from automation technology: 

  • Independent commissioning, troubleshooting and repairs to SIMOVERT MV
  • Basic knowledge of SINAMICS low-voltage converters, as well as module replacement for SIMOVERT ML2 medium-voltage converters
  • Performing worldwide, largely difficult escalation missions
  • Description of the software requirements for the strategic project
  • Creation of the software requirement specification sheet for the time-controlled bus system of a PLC with 12 signal modules
  • Description of the TTCAN system matrix, master and slave software architecture and the interface for PROFINET
  • Creation of sequence diagrams and state machines from the TTCAN protocol using the “Visio” program
  • CAN bus programming
  • Programming a TTCAN system matrix for 12 signal modules with the “IAR Compiler” for ARM microcontrollers
  • Using the CANalyzer analysis tool for CAN messages
  • Technical clarification of orders
  • Technische Klärung von Aufträgen
  • Creation and revision of:
    • Material parts lists
    • Documentation
    • General arrangement diagrams and dimensional drawings
    • System-specific data sheets
    • Circuit manuals
  • Coordination of production and test facility
  • Support for both internal customers as well as suppliers