Never before has the influence of energy on our actions been as decisive as it is today. Modern humans cannot live their lives normally without electrical energy. Energy demand will continue to grow, especially in countries where consumer demand is still growing. A further increase in global electricity demand can be taken as a given.

Natural resources for energy generation are limited, we cannot keep exploiting our environment infinitely. Without alternative energies, future generations cannot exist in the same way as we do. We are using all our creativity to develop innovative techniques that deal responsibly with the precious resources of this earth. At the same time, we are trying to implement novel and efficient concepts for the energy industry.


Our engineers will support you with the following range of services when it comes to energy technology:

  • Preparing quotations based on tenders
  • Creation of specifications and requirement specification sheets for enquiries to suppliers
  • Simulation, calculation, and dynamic simulation of conditions
  • Layout of components, standard specification, development of basic documentation
  • Creation of basic documentation, project management with design review
  • Creation and revision of assembly descriptions
  • Performing and evaluating simulations and tests
  • Documenting the entire project execution, from engineering to acceptance


Concrete case studies from energy technology:

  • Scheduling, detailed scheduling and deadline monitoring of the entire nuclear power station
  • Correspondence and negotiations with subcontractors in German and English
  • Supporting activities in project management
  • Quotation preparation, tracking and processing
  • Supervising on various large building sites
  • Creation and revision of P & IDs for basic power stations
  • Creation of delta lists to compare isometrics to P & IDs for SPEL (India)
  • Preparation of plain text lists based on an abbreviation catalogue of the entire water-steam circuit for the supply and cooling water systems
  • Pipeline system technology and layout planning of power stations
  • Elasticity and stress analysis of water and steam systems with ROHR2
  • Pressure loss calculation of pipeline systems with SINETZ
  • Preparing enquiry documents for subcontractors: Preparing tenders and specifications, pipeline and fitting lists, as well as material extracts and participation in contract negotiations
  • Arrangement planning of pipelines, fittings and holders using AutoCAD
  • Site inspection and isometric drawing
  • Creation of signal lists for bus coupling
  • Programming in CFC for controllers
  • Protective and power plant technology
  • On-site commissioning