Natural resources for energy generation are limited, we cannot keep exploiting our environment infinitely. Without alternative energies, future generations cannot exist in the same way as we do. We are using all our creativity to develop innovative techniques that deal responsibly with the precious resources of this earth. At the same time, we are trying to implement novel and efficient concepts for the energy industry.


We support our customers from the energy industry with the following range of services:

  • Creation of electrical construction drawings using Elcad, Eplan, AutoCad
  • Preparing quotations based on tenders
  • Conceptual design, processing and commissioning of control technology and protective devices
  • Development of switchgears and switch housings
  • Creation of circuit diagrams and circuit manuals
  • Creation and revision of assembly descriptions
  • Performing and evaluating simulations and tests
  • Software and hardware development
  • Upgrading systems through new and improved functions
  • Documenting the entire project execution, from engineering to acceptance


Concrete case studies of our services in the domain of energy technology:

1. Development of microelectronics for photovoltaic inverters:

  • Draft design, layout supervision, commissioning and testing of microelectronics (processors and peripherals)
  • Software development under C/C++
  • FPGA programming with VHDL
  • Organising and performing module, integration and release tests

2. Power transmission:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study on an interconnected North Sea network of European offshore wind energy facilities based on the gas-insulated transmission line for efficient, ecological and economical power transmission
  • Creation of signal lists for bus coupling
  • Programming in CFC for controllers
  • Protective and power plant technology
  • On-site commissioning

 3. Process control engineering:

  • Sub-project management in the fossil fuel power plants sector
  • Commissioning the cooling water, chemical storage and condensate area in the power plant
  • Creating different function variants for control system simulation with SPPA-T/S3000
  • Management responsibility of employees for parts of the simulation project
  • Creation of acceptance documents for simulator and emulator projects as well as QA documentation officer with national and international contact partners (France and Sweden)
  • Creation and administration of databases, queries and screens
  • Commissioning in the automotive sector for optimising technical processes taking into account the cycle times

4. Engineering traction power converters for railway applications:

  • Participation in project management (oPLM process)
  • Creation of documentation
  • Creation of circuit diagrams
  • Creation of parts lists
  • Creation of descriptions for devices in German and English
  • Preparation of technical specifications for electrical assemblies and clarification with suppliers
  • Processing customer and supplier enquiries
  • Technical clarification of orders
  • Support with general activities (material replenishment, orders)
  • Supervision of prototype construction, production and testing facilities
  • Support during type testing and system testing
  • Participation in product improvement for the assembly of traction converters in flow production

5. Module development and implementation:

  • Creation of building overview plans
  • Project-specific adaptation of drawings for the high transformers sector using AutoCad
  • Development of new and optimisation of existing systems, configurations and modules
  • Creation and maintenance of documents

6. System planning:

  • Responsible for project-specific clarification with external system planners
  • Responsible for system planning and the building site
  • Implementing system design reviews from the perspective of electrical engineering
  • Preparing and updating electrotechnical system planning specifications for external system planners
  • Contractual and technical clarification of interfaces to internal and external partners for electrotechnical system planning