Automotive engineering is one of the core competencies within mechanical engineering. We are active along the entire value chain, from the conceptual idea to the finished product. This is especially true in the bodywork, interior, chassis and drives fields.

  • Creation and analysis of functional specifications and requirement specification sheets
  • Creation of project schedules
  • Creation of construction drawings for components and connection techniques using CAD
  • Integration of complete components using installation space analysis
  • Construction and commissioning of sample devices
  • Performing tests and tolerance analyses throughout product testing
  • Documenting the entire project development
  • Coordination of different departments such as production and quality planning, purchasing and logistics
  • Designing automotive components using CATIA V5 or Pro/E Wildfire
  • Creation and verification of drawings
  • DMU studies
  • Supplier support and customer contact
  • Independent execution of internal approvals
  • Creation of enquiry drawings
  • Development and construction of solution variants for brakes and chassis in special motor sports projects
  • Developments in the brakes and drive sectors
  • FEM calculations of chassis components

1. Special services in the field of pre-development, topic: 42 V application in the vehicle of an OEM:

  • Contribution to the design of components such as cable harnesses, power distributors, housings, filters, etc. up to the internal service release
  • Qualification of the distributor in terms of tripping safety and reliability
  • Electronics integration
  • Performing classic measurement and test exercises
  • Creation of specifications
  • Assignment of test series to external bodies
  • Verification and presentation of the results

2. Plastic housing parts for the automatic transmission control unit on a motor vehicle:

  • Component and detail design using Pro/E Wildfire

3.   Car tank ventilation systems:

  • Product development of plastic parts, preparation of series production on CAD, injection moulding-friendly design of parts, installation and collision analysis using CATIA V4

4.    Vehicle development/air conditioning systems:

  • Creation of 3D geometries with CATIA V4 during the conceptual stage, detailed design for prototype construction, installation space analyses with digital methods such as DMU and 4D-Navigator